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Collection Insurance

Whether your collection is dedicated to a specialist field of collectibles, Collect & Protect will provide a tailor made policy that gives your collection the protection it deserves.

What can be covered under a Collect & Protect Policy?

To discuss insurance for your collection, please fill out the Request a Quote form and a member the specialist team at Amelia Underwriters will contact you to find out more about your requirements. Unlike standard insurance, the range of cover will be designed to suit your particular collection at the right price.

If you Collect it, we Protect it!

Movie Memorabilia

Movie and Television Memorabilia

With more and more movie and television memorabilia being made available to the collector from movie studios and specialist dealers worldwide, dreams of owning a specific movie used prop, clothing, script to name but a few are now becoming a reality for many collectors.

Music Memorabilia

Music Memorabilia

The music memorabilia market has increased ten fold over the last decade with record auction figures being realised for all types of items.Whether your collection comprises of classic 12 inch vinyl records, or stage worn clothing and costumes or actual musical equipment used not only by the classic household names of the past but also from the superstars of today, Collect & Protect will provide you with the specialist cover it requires.

Hot Wheels Collectibles


Timeless toy collections span generations and last lifetimes. Toy collections stand the test of time and provide pleasure to collectors from 10 to 100. If your collection is simply a rare teddy bear or you have amassed a collection of die-cast toy cars, our specialist team of experts can provide you with specific insurance required for your priceless and timeless memories.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is a billion dollar worldwide market. Like music memorabilia, the range of rare items appearing on the marketplace has increased year by year for the last decade. Collectors have always desired to own a piece from their hero's career, so match worn and match used uniforms, shirts, boots are highly prized items. This applies to any sport from golf to tennis, sailing to football and cricket. Because Collect & Protect origins began within the sports memorabilia field our knowledge is unmatched, therefore we can provide the very best insurance for your personal piece of sporting history.

Antiquarian Books, Manuscripts & Comics

Antiquarian Books, Manuscripts & Comics

If you own an early copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm, James Joyce's Ulysses, or even a James Bond novel such as Casino Royale, it is not just your mind that might be enriched. A new price index of first edition 20th-century popular classics reveals how values have more than doubled over the past 10 years.

Antiquarian literature, maps and manuscripts have also seen consistent growth in values.

With the increase and mass world appeal of super-hero blockbuster movies, original comics featuring the origins of all the classic cult characters are highly treasured and much sought-after items with huge investment opportunities.

Wine & Spirits

Fine Wine

Many investors in vintage fine wines and whiskies are building lucrative collections for the future. So whether your collection is housed in a 10,000 bottle cellar or in a modest basement. our knowledge of the collectable wine business allows Collect & Protect to offer the best insurance in this truly specialist field.

Classic Cars

Classic Car Insurance

If your dream of taking a spin in a classic Aston Martin or Ferrari is an everyday reality then your classic car is not just a vintage vehicle but a item of passion, desire and in most cases love. Our team of experts have a proven understanding and passion for classic and vintage cars giving you the confidence that Collect & Protect can insure your individual or multi-car collection.


Mixed and Miscellaneous Collections

If there is anything that you collect we have not mentioned... not a problem! Collect & Protect are in an enviable position of being able to offer specialist insurance on most type of collections. In the past we have insured vacuum cleaner collections to lawn mowers, hot air balloons to vintage busses, so hardly any type of collection is off limits for insurance. If you collect it, we protect it.

Also, we have a full range of specialist business insurance for the collectable market place that includes Auction Houses, Retailers and Valuers plus Exhibitions and Collecting Societies, together with comprehensive cover for all types of Museums.

About Collect & Protect

Collect & Protect is designed, developed and promoted by Bear Images Limited who are Introducer Appointed Representatives (IAR) of Amelia Underwriters.

John Motson Testimonial

As a long standing client of Collect & Protect I am delighted with the level and range of specialist services that are available to me."

John Motson - Sports Commentator
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